Download page

Here you will find the current versions of the addon available for download.

You can download the release versions for a stable well tested branch, or a later version to test new features before the general public.

Note, however that the Unstable versions are not guaranteed to work properly or even work at all, and bug reports should not be opened on non-release versions.

    (These are saved in: World of Warcraft/WTF/Account/ACCOUNT/SavedVariables/*.lua)

The current developer's (Unstable) package is built more regularly and
I did not make this clear enough last time, for which I apologize profusely.

We usually recommend that normal users only use the Release packages unless instructed otherwise

UnstableA version that has been generated for specific testing or debugging purposes. Typically a dev may ask people reporting a bug in the chat or the forums to test if the bug has been fixed in a particular version. This is the only reason you should be using one of these versions.
AlphaA very early version in the developement process. Only dedicated testers should be using this version as there will be lots of bugs. The type of person who should use this is typically able to debug any issues that arise by themselves.
BetaLike the alpha, this version may have many bugs in it, however we need a wider audience to expose them. If you find a bug in one of these versions you may post on the forums or come to the chat for debugging help.
GammaThere are expected to be very few bugs in a gamma release and any should be reported in a full bug report or in the forums or chat. It is expected that a gamma release should be fit for daily use.
ReleaseA release is a version that has gone through a gamma period without any critical or major bugs and is fit for the general public's use.

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